Wedding: Buying your wedding dress online!

This dress was gorgeous but slightly heavy on the bottom for me.

So, to be honest the first time I went wedding dress shopping was ONLINE! I had laid eyes on a Grace Loves Lace wedding dress before I was even engaged and it was everything I could ask for in a dress and more ( I knew I didn’t want poof, frills, sparkles, or TYPICAL. I did know I wanted comfortable, classic, stylish, sexy, slightly boho, and for it to go with my venue which is a vineyard in Niagara on the Lake. Maybe this sounds like a tall order but when I saw MY GLL dress it was everything I had dreamed up in my wedding vision of what I would look like as a bride one day! Grace Loves Lace designs all their wedding dresses with French lace and is handmade in Australia (how amazing and unique for those of us in North America!) But I couldn’t exactly make it to their store (they recently opened one in L.A. too)!

So, this one isn’t done justice by the picture. I actually loved it! It was slightly ripped and make-up smeared but a new one would have been perfection! It was just too fancy for my venue and not completely ME!

This is why I opted to hit BUY on an online wedding dress instead of going into a tradition-wedding boutique. I actually got all the feels and even called my mom crying and gushing over how lucky I felt to have purchased my DREAM dress! I never once looked back or felt nervous! When you know, you just know! Grace Loves Lace was it for me!

This dress has all the wow factors but I felt like I had seen it before and it was not the relaxed style I was going for.

However, just because I got the dream dress does not mean I felt like I got the dream girls day out! When I was home for a few days one of my amazing bridesmaids who loves wedding dress shopping enough to work at Kleinfeld’s suggested I get the real bridal experience of wedding dress shopping! So, my Mama, my besty, and I went to one of the biggest bridal stores in Canada! I have to say this was a nice amount of people to have, as it wasn’t too many opinions (We have all seen those episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’)! Tip: Do your hair and makeup the day you go wedding dress shopping! You want to feel beautiful and to be able to picture the way you will look on your wedding day!

This is one of Grace Loves Lace gorgeous wedding dresses to give you an idea of their designs but is not THE ONE I went with. See my whole look come together in July! How effortless and classic is the lace? The split? The draped sleeves? I picture some exquisitely interesting bride wearing this at a wedding in Italy, sipping the finest red wine, while lost in the energy of the evening!
For some reason this wedding dress really made me smile! If I was having 10 dresses this would be 1 of them! I loved the different take on the typical ballgown and every girl who is anti-ballgown (me) should try one on just to see! But make sure you take a picture because I felt like a princess in this dress but it was not the original vision I had set out on and when I saw this picture I could tell the dress wore me.

I did inform the girl I already had my dream dress but I was looking for something similar to see what it would look like on and that I also still truly needed a veil. We had an amazing day of trying on dresses, taking pictures, and me feeling spoiled with love and everything bridal! The BEST part was none of the dresses compared to what I feel for my Grace Loves Lace wedding dress, so I was still sure I had purchased the perfect one!

I had to try this dress on because I LOVE long sleeve wedding dresses but my wedding is in July so it just won’t work. Stay tuned to see what my alternative was to this due to my obsession with beautiful sleeves on brides!

Moral of the story: You can have it all!