3 new ways to wear old pieces!

Have you ever gone into your closet and said, “I have nothing to wear today!” But your closet is full! Soooo how can you (and by you I mean every girl since the beginning of time) have nothing to wear when your closet is full!? The answer is simple! We are bored of everything in there!

Here are a few tips to reinvent the pieces you most likely own!

#1 Something bright! Here I feature an old Zara necklace that I actually got at a garage sale (upcycling whoop whoop!) but this idea can apply to anything bright in your closet! Think a bright cardigan, shoes, or a skirt! What you would normally pair it with is something neutral like a white, beige or black. How lovely. Buuuut you are bored of that outfit! So, try it with something different…bright on bright! It totally revamps the look and is really fun for spring!

Previously I always wore this necklace with black attire and this red jumper with gold or silver pieces! Putting these 2 brights together really made me feel like my red jumper was new to me!
Colour on colour this spring!

#2 Dresses with buttons down the front: They unbutton! I have a few of these and have been using them as coats, cardigans, sweaters lately! So often we get these gorgeous (expensive) dresses and often only get one wear out of them unless you share them with a friend like me! So, I love the idea of undoing all the buttons and throwing them over an outfit! Tip: Shorter dresses are more versatile and I find go with almost any outfit but I LOVE the longer ones too as a beach cover up over a bikini or bather!

This is an older Urban Outfitters dress that I wanted to give a new lease on life!
I styled the dress over a white silk tank top and a wool mini skirt. Paired with black heels. This was a perfect match as it was a little chilly out so I needed an extra layer but wanted something thin, stylish, and already in my closet! I also love this muted army green colour!

#3 Yoga pants…I know most girls could live in them! I wear mine almost everyday! Again we spend so much money on them so why do they have to be restricted to yoga? The benefit of yoga pants is there quality. I find the Lululemon ones are so thick and hold everything in the right places! This is why I often wear yoga pants outside of the studio!

Throw on a tank top and an open sweater, accessorize with a trendy purse and some go to birks and you are ready for a coffee date!