Cleveland Fashion Week: GlamJam Review

The location right outside the event! On the water! Great cityscape!

Maybe you are as surprised as I am to hear Cleveland has/had a fashion week! When one of my blogger friends asked me to join her at an event I jumped at the chance! Not only had I never been to a fashion show but it was a good opportunity to be around likeminded people in Cleveland!

There were somethings I absolutely loved about this event and somethings I would hope to see improved for years to come. It’s called GlamJam and more information can be found here:

Little glimpse of some of the fish we saw. 😉

Loved: The Venue

The fashion show, band playing, apps going over well, drinks flowing, and social gathering all took place in the Cleveland Aquarium. This location has an upper level which would be GORGEOUS for a wedding or any social event. Rustic brick walls, great views of the river, open concept, and looking down into the aquarium tanks. Half way through people were ushered to the lower level where it was maze like and models walked through to the backdrop of aquatic life swimming.

                            A beautiful circular tank models and people could walk around.

Liked: Food and Drink

For $35 you had all you can drink and eat for the evening. The drinks were excellent, the bar staff were super nice, and there were hardly any lineups. The food was okay, I mean I think Gordon Ramsey might have a few negative things to say about it but for the most part the pizza sticks, stuffed mushrooms, and heaps of cheese were fine by me!

A glimpse at the band and the amazing location! Always love string lights!

Not so fond of: The Band

It was listed as a music and fashion event but there was only one band and it was not the kind of band that got any one dancing. They had a lot of character and played more than amply loud. But fell short for me and I think many people there.

Tips for next year: It would have been great if there was a pamphlet/handout with a layout of the times and format of the evening. Perhaps even an M.C. would have been useful to announce when the models were going to walk because for the most part you were just chatting away and you would look up and some models would be walking around the room but you had missed half of that show already.

How cute is this area?Perfect for endless pictures!
What do you love about your body shape?
I love that mine is athletic which always allowed me to play sports!

Overall, I would go back next year. A true testament of success!


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