How to still look stylish at a sporting event!

One of my all time favourite sport styles here on Olivia Culpo! On the left 😉
I love the real jersey tucked in, with the distressed denim shorts and the high boots (I mean this was the super bowl so I think the boots were amazing for such a big event)! Her sleek hair and perfect makeup top it off and keep it ‘her’.

To some this post may seem irrelevant. Sporting events and style? Style and sporting events? But if you found yourself remotely thinking about it then it must mean something to you! I mean if you’re going to such a huge event I see it as a fun place to dress up like yourself only sportier!

Blue Jays t-shirts and I’m wearing camel coloured cowboy boots and a matching bag.


Wear a shirt/jersey to show your support to the team you are cheering for!

This is a super old picture! Maybe 5 years ago! Heels and a tight t-shirt to a Sens hockey game! But at least it’s a cute t-shirt and fitted jeans! But I think it would be just as cute in biker boots, knee high boots, or runners.
Wearing classic flats by Steven found on Revolve. A Cleveland t-shirt and Zara jeans to complete the look.


Wear comfy shoes! This does not mean boring! I spent my fair share of years sporting heels to sporting events and I saw a few people at last nights Cavs vs Raptors game doing the same! Power to you if you still love it and you find it comfy, over the years I have found certain running shoes/boots can be just at stylish and more appropriate to the venue. This makes running back and forth for drinks, food, and cheering that much easier!

Before getting my Cavs t-shirt inside! Jeans and comfy running shoes!


Go with denim! Tried, tested and true! All shades and colours can be great for game day but the cut is what really matters. Go for a very fitter pair (jeans) since your top will most likely be loose. With shorts on the other hand I prefer a looser fit and the top slighty tucked in. Here you can get away with both being loose since you are showing leg and and arms!


Wear a fake pink jersey. I mean if you really really love it do it. But the classic colours are always your best pick. They are timeless, match everything, and make you seem like a more serious fan.


Wear a dress. And I must say if its your jam do it! At the playoffs basketball game last night there were 2 girls in great seats in dresses. Everyone knows you get free t-shirts when you get there (in the playoffs) so I always just wear jeans and throw it on when I get there. These girls opted to stay in there dresses even though the stadium was rather cold and 98% of the people had some sort of team attire on. Although, wearing a dress and not opting to put on a jersey may seem like caring about fashion more I think knowing your audience is super key. Dress for the environment you’re in. The point is: don’t always wear the same thing! Be adaptable to different styles and venues.

Okay, sometimes when it’s a big shot you may want to take a picture! But then phones away again!


Be on your phone the WHOLE time. Okay so this isn’t so much to do with style but as a style blogger I love to do a post while I’m at the game of the game or what I am wearing. But then I put my phone away! Enjoy the moment! Take it in. Take your pictures before! Before you spill food and beer on yourself! While there are fun events outside! Before the live event starts!




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