Wedding guest attire!

One of my top picks for this wedding season are long flowy pattern dresses. Shop the look here:

It’s May which means you probably have some weddings scheduled this month or next or every month this summer if you are me! It’s such a fun time to see friends, celebrate love, maybe get out of town, do some dancing, and get dressed up!

However, I think there are a few do’s and don’ts for attending weddings concerning attire. These are loose do’s and don’ts but we have all been to that wedding where a guest broke the cardinal rule: No girl shall wear white except the bride. So, to save you any troubles this season I’m going lay them right out there.

I’m obsessed with off the shoulder dresses and coral so this dress from Forever 21 is a home run for me! It has the new off the shoulder sleeves that do NOT ride up! Way better! Shop the look here:




Dress up! Don’t go casual if it is not listed on the invite as casual. It’s actually disrespectful. It’s much better to be overdressed than underdressed.



Match the venue or theme. Vineyard think flowy and long (maybe floral!). Vegas think short and colourful with some sparkle. Black tie think something long and slinky: I like red or black for these occasions. Barn wedding? Maybe more casual and comfortable! An off the shoulder dress with wedges would work wonderfully!

This was a dress a got for a New Years Eve wedding from H&M last year.
This is a great summer red dress alternative also from H&M! Only $69.99 found here:


Match your date. But don’t go overboard. Think subtle. Tie, bowtie or handkerchief. Personally, I think shirt is too much.

I love this bright colour, the cut. and think it would be perfect for almost any venue this summer!  Find it here:


Stand out. Do your research. Be excited about your outfit! I love colour! I love pattern! There is no need to blend in and be a wallflower (please tell me you know the meaning of that lol). It’s not everyday you get to get this dressed up! Embraced it!

I love a dress with a high slit and long sleeves! It’s a great balance!


Be comfortable! This is literally my #1 style tip above all else! And to feel beautiful! You just have to manage it in style! Find something that can work for both! Find a dress/pantsuit/outfit that is true to who you are and that you can dance the night away in! If you are uncomfortable you won’t enjoy yourself! If your hemline keeps riding up, your heels are killing you, your bra is peaking out your mind is not going to be on enjoying yourself!

This is a beach coverup from Victoria Secret I threw over my Lulus dress. Great for chilly evenings! I love wearing wedges to summer weddings especially ones outside because they don’t sink into the ground and they are comfy!


WEAR WHITE. WEAR BEIGE. WEAR OFF WHITE. It’s never okay and it makes it seem like you want to be the bride or the centre of attention!


Wear something you would wear to work, the club (It is a formal event so lets treat it that way), or date night (unless your date nights are significantly fancier than mine). This is the time to splurge on a new outfit that is gorgeous! Or I love the idea of borrowing one from a friend that you have been eyeing! Also vintage stores always have great finds for a more unique look!

These wedges from Asos are perfect for just about any dress, I love the lace up detail and the beige colour! Way more comfy than regular heels too! Only $56! Shop them here:


Forget the details! Earnings, shoes, and bag are just as important and fun to shop for and to add to your ensemble as the main piece. In fact sometimes I work my way out! I start with statement earrings and find things that would go with them!


These come in 5 colours! I love the blue! Super into pom poms this season! Shop them here:

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Cleveland Fashion Week: GlamJam Review

The location right outside the event! On the water! Great cityscape!

Maybe you are as surprised as I am to hear Cleveland has/had a fashion week! When one of my blogger friends asked me to join her at an event I jumped at the chance! Not only had I never been to a fashion show but it was a good opportunity to be around likeminded people in Cleveland!

There were somethings I absolutely loved about this event and somethings I would hope to see improved for years to come. It’s called GlamJam and more information can be found here:

Little glimpse of some of the fish we saw. 😉

Loved: The Venue

The fashion show, band playing, apps going over well, drinks flowing, and social gathering all took place in the Cleveland Aquarium. This location has an upper level which would be GORGEOUS for a wedding or any social event. Rustic brick walls, great views of the river, open concept, and looking down into the aquarium tanks. Half way through people were ushered to the lower level where it was maze like and models walked through to the backdrop of aquatic life swimming.

                            A beautiful circular tank models and people could walk around.

Liked: Food and Drink

For $35 you had all you can drink and eat for the evening. The drinks were excellent, the bar staff were super nice, and there were hardly any lineups. The food was okay, I mean I think Gordon Ramsey might have a few negative things to say about it but for the most part the pizza sticks, stuffed mushrooms, and heaps of cheese were fine by me!

A glimpse at the band and the amazing location! Always love string lights!

Not so fond of: The Band

It was listed as a music and fashion event but there was only one band and it was not the kind of band that got any one dancing. They had a lot of character and played more than amply loud. But fell short for me and I think many people there.

Tips for next year: It would have been great if there was a pamphlet/handout with a layout of the times and format of the evening. Perhaps even an M.C. would have been useful to announce when the models were going to walk because for the most part you were just chatting away and you would look up and some models would be walking around the room but you had missed half of that show already.

How cute is this area?Perfect for endless pictures!
What do you love about your body shape?
I love that mine is athletic which always allowed me to play sports!

Overall, I would go back next year. A true testament of success!


How to still look stylish at a sporting event!

One of my all time favourite sport styles here on Olivia Culpo! On the left 😉
I love the real jersey tucked in, with the distressed denim shorts and the high boots (I mean this was the super bowl so I think the boots were amazing for such a big event)! Her sleek hair and perfect makeup top it off and keep it ‘her’.

To some this post may seem irrelevant. Sporting events and style? Style and sporting events? But if you found yourself remotely thinking about it then it must mean something to you! I mean if you’re going to such a huge event I see it as a fun place to dress up like yourself only sportier!

Blue Jays t-shirts and I’m wearing camel coloured cowboy boots and a matching bag.


Wear a shirt/jersey to show your support to the team you are cheering for!

This is a super old picture! Maybe 5 years ago! Heels and a tight t-shirt to a Sens hockey game! But at least it’s a cute t-shirt and fitted jeans! But I think it would be just as cute in biker boots, knee high boots, or runners.
Wearing classic flats by Steven found on Revolve. A Cleveland t-shirt and Zara jeans to complete the look.


Wear comfy shoes! This does not mean boring! I spent my fair share of years sporting heels to sporting events and I saw a few people at last nights Cavs vs Raptors game doing the same! Power to you if you still love it and you find it comfy, over the years I have found certain running shoes/boots can be just at stylish and more appropriate to the venue. This makes running back and forth for drinks, food, and cheering that much easier!

Before getting my Cavs t-shirt inside! Jeans and comfy running shoes!


Go with denim! Tried, tested and true! All shades and colours can be great for game day but the cut is what really matters. Go for a very fitter pair (jeans) since your top will most likely be loose. With shorts on the other hand I prefer a looser fit and the top slighty tucked in. Here you can get away with both being loose since you are showing leg and and arms!


Wear a fake pink jersey. I mean if you really really love it do it. But the classic colours are always your best pick. They are timeless, match everything, and make you seem like a more serious fan.


Wear a dress. And I must say if its your jam do it! At the playoffs basketball game last night there were 2 girls in great seats in dresses. Everyone knows you get free t-shirts when you get there (in the playoffs) so I always just wear jeans and throw it on when I get there. These girls opted to stay in there dresses even though the stadium was rather cold and 98% of the people had some sort of team attire on. Although, wearing a dress and not opting to put on a jersey may seem like caring about fashion more I think knowing your audience is super key. Dress for the environment you’re in. The point is: don’t always wear the same thing! Be adaptable to different styles and venues.

Okay, sometimes when it’s a big shot you may want to take a picture! But then phones away again!


Be on your phone the WHOLE time. Okay so this isn’t so much to do with style but as a style blogger I love to do a post while I’m at the game of the game or what I am wearing. But then I put my phone away! Enjoy the moment! Take it in. Take your pictures before! Before you spill food and beer on yourself! While there are fun events outside! Before the live event starts!